Jackpot Poker arrives at PlayPhone.com

Jackpot Poker arrives at PlayPhone.com

As part of its ongoing efforts to introduce new audiences to online poker, PokerStars has made its fast-paced Jackpot Poker spin-and-go tournament app available to download via PlayPhone.com.

PokerStars, which is the sister site to Full Tilt, launched its free-play ‘winner takes all’ Jackpot Poker innovation in December as an evolution of its Facebook app. The three-player format is aimed at casual poker aficionados and comes complete with a jackpot element that has its final amount determined only after competitors have taken their seats but before the first cards are dealt.

Jackpot Poker offers players the chance to compete against a pool of up to 50,000 others in games that can see a winner determined in as little as ten minutes while a final ‘spin of the wheel’ can multiply any jackpot by up to 3,000 times.

The partnership with PlayPhone.com will see poker aficionados all over the world able to join the existing Jackpot Poker pool from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Facebook and the Amazon App Store while PokerStars declared that its efforts will also contain ‘a marketing emphasis in Taiwan’.

“We are excited to make it easy for players to download and install the mobile Jackpot Poker by PokerStars app in their local dialect,” said Lloyd Melnick, Social Gaming Director for PokerStars.

“Gamers in Taiwan and throughout Asia are going to love the fast-paced poker action that they can get from PokerStars on the Jackpot Poker app.”

For its part, PlayPhone.com operates customised mobile social game stores around the world that allow players to discover, download, enjoy and share thousands of titles with friends via social and highly localised platforms.

“PlayPhone.com is thrilled to release Jackpot Poker by PokerStars to our users around the world,” said Scott Masters, Business Operations Senior Director for PlayPhone.com.

“Getting to work with PokerStars as a developer partner has been extremely fun and the entire team loves its game.” Home