Casino Fortune
By Paul
Casino Fortune a division of Sunny Casinos, which is itself a division of Sunny Group of Companies, announced today that it has discontinued using Microgaming’s casino Software. This decision comes after being unable to resolve concerns in relation to the percentage associated with its Microgaming software.

This decision comes against the background of industry concerns emanating from United States pressure. The Sunny Group is concerned to maintain its clean image and good industry reputation. Casino Fortune believes that its players are best protected at this time by not being offered Microgaming Software. Casino Fortune is asking that a truly independent auditing company be called in to verify the accuracy of payout percentages quoted. There should also be proof that the random number generator used by Microgaming is truly random and not susceptible to manipulation by the software provider. Sunny Casinos will always place its reputation before profits.

Below is a more detailed account of the events that led to the above decision:

An International auditing company is employed by Microgaming and Casino Fortune to review the output of the random number generator embedded in the Microgaming software used by Casino Fortune. The auditing company confirms that the generator consistently produces random numbers and is a fair basis for the outcome of games that have been played. Presently, Casino Fortune is not convinced that this is accurate.

The January 2002 audit report was released late February. At that time December’s report had also not been sent. Casino Fortune repeatedly asked for the figures, which are usually published to its customers.

On 8th February Casino Fortune was asked to sign a new contract with Microgaming. The terms of this contract stated, “Microgaming shall not be liable to the Operator for any indirect consequential or special damages or loss of profits arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.” Casino Fortune’s Directors voiced extreme suspicion and wrote to Martin and Anthony Moshal expressing this and other points of concern.

On February 13th Microgaming announced that January figures would be late due to technical difficulties. A serious letter was sent to both Microgaming and the auditing company demanding an explanation as Casino Fortune was concerned that if there were technical difficulties in obtaining information then they could stem from the random number generator.

On 20th February Casino Fortune’s IT Director wrote again 'We are very concerned about our payout percentages. We also have not received our audit reports for the last 2 months. I was forced to review the previous problem we had sometime ago regarding payout percentages as shown in emails below….” The IT Director made reference to a November 2000 settlement Microgaming made with several licensees after it was suspected that they (Microgaming) had tampered with the random numbers generator causing losses. The Director copied letters from other operators who claimed that the settlement represented only one fifth of what was actually lost.

On February 22nd Microgaming, after many phone calls from Casino Fortune, agreed that the matter would be investigated and that a report would be sent to us from the auditing company on the following Monday. This was never done and up to this time Casino Fortune has not received December’s report. An urgent meeting of the Sunny Group Board was held and Microgaming was given 3 weeks to provide the report.

On the weekend of March 1st, 2nd & 3rd Microgaming was seen entering the proprietary Sunny Group credit card server. Microgaming’s access was immediately cut off and it was confirmed that no data was tampered with. However, in the light of what occurred, Casino Fortune became even more concerned.

On March 3rd Roger Raativer of Microgaming notified Casino Fortune that the auditing company was considering termination of the services they provide. Casino Fortune attempted to contact Anthony or Martin Moshal but received no answers to emails or phone messages. On 11th March, Anthony Moshal sent his new email address, which was no longer a Microgaming one.

On March 13th Microgaming asked Casino Fortune to sign new agreements with a company in the Isle of Man. The agreements stated the following terms 'that at any time after termination of this Agreement, the Covenanter shall not disclose to any other person firm or company particulars of any of Microgaming’s Confidential Information”.

On March 17th, credits for guest customer accounts were tampered with. Upon investigation, it was proven that this was not caused by any employee of Casino Fortune. Microgaming was promptly contacted and they denied any allegation that their staff had anything to do with the interferences. Casino Fortune attempted to no avail, to speak directly to the Microgaming principle, Martin Moshal. Mr. Moshal did not respond to emails and his cell number was no longer active.

On March 21st, Casino Fortune decided it would be in the best interest of it customers to discontinue the Microgaming Progressive Games until the auditor’s reports and an explanation were received. Microgaming was duly informed of this decision.

From the account provided above, on Tuesday, March 26th Casino Fortune has had no other choice but to take drastic measures in terminating the use of Microgaming’s software. Casino Fortune regrets having to sever its ties with Microgaming, however as a subsidiary of the Sunny Group of Companies, our primary concern is to our customers.

During this worrisome time, Casino Fortune investigated many other casino software providers. While most had excellent games, one of the companies, which stood out above the rest in terms of excellent customer benefits and state of the art software is Playtech. Casino Fortune is therefore pleased to announce that it has selected Playtech as its new software provider.