IGCE November 5-7, Dublin, Ireland
By Press Release
(Hatboro, PA) —The International Gaming Conference & Expo (IGCE Europe), slated to take place November 5-7 in Dublin at the historic Fitzpatrick Castle, will focus on the future of Internet gambling in light of recent legislation passed in the U.S. That law has targeted the involvement of U.S. citizens, banks and all credit card companies that have been directly, or indirectly, involved with the promulgation of interactive/offshore/online wagering to date. It is not surprising that the expert speakers gathering together next week have created a surge in attendance with many analysts involved with the gaming industry indicating that this conference could not have come at a better time.

“With little more than a week to go before our first sessions get underway on Sunday, November 5th, stated Wayne Nixon, Director of the IGCE Conference. “Inquiries and registrations for the conference have increased coupled with a host of phone calls from likely attendees that will be showing up as what is best described as ‘walk-in traffic’ on both Saturday and Sunday morning. The major questions that will be addressed in Dublin are where will the U.S. position leave most Internet gaming sites? Some have closed, others have merged, and still others are continuing with a ‘business as usual’ attitude in direct contravention and response to the U.S, efforts to curtail Internet gambling completely. We expect that the experts we have assembled from around the globe…the legal, financial, technical, governmental and others…will offer advice, opinions, direction and answers to these and many other questions.

“The latest U.S. legislation has the online/offshore gaming industry in a turmoil,” Mr. Nixon continued,” and the survival of an industry, for that is what it is, that has an annual revenue of some $12-15 billion is clearly at stake. These are introspective and somewhat perilous times for the industry with corporate and executive futures being determined on an almost daily basis, fear of dealing with U.S. players/punters permeating everywhere and uncertainty evident with whomever one speaks to about the future as critical legal opinions are being sought from Asia to North America. While any attempt to prohibit gambling seems certain to both succeed as a ‘scare tactic’ towards some and a challenge of sorts regarding others, it appears that the final result will be the continuance of gambling on the Internet. It is just a matter of the methodologies to endure and perpetuate, to move forward. Legal advisories and debates, postures of various venues from Antigua to Malta, are a mainstay of a number of planned sessions that are on the agenda for Dublin.”

Additional information on the conference is available by emailing info@igconference.com, contacting Wayne Nixon at wjoseph@igconference.com or Cynthia Pagano at Cynthia@igconference.com or by calling 1-215/441-5887.

About The International Gaming Conference & Expo

The IGCE was created to address issues within the gaming industry, from Las Vegas to London, to cover land-based ventures, offshore and online Internet efforts. Its founders are experts within the industry and IGCE sets itself apart by separating the organization from those that are conference organizers. By so doing, each conference is focused upon coverage of every topic of interest and importance to its attendees with a reach and reputation that is able to gather together the most important voices within the industry covering a range of topics unequalled anywhere else.

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