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By staff
Casino Fortune Finally Obtains Player Balances, But At What Cost?

In the few weeks since Casino Fortune’s servers were seized by Mohawk Internet Technologies (MIT) and Microgaming, there have been death threats, Trojans which crashed customers’ hard drives, spam emails, and newspaper articles about Martin Moshal in major South African newspapers.

After being subjected to unwarranted embarrassment by its inability to pay players because of the withheld balances, Casino Fortune is relieved to finally obtain this vital information. The player balances were returned on Friday, 12th April and the technical and operations staff spent considerable time during that weekend verifying the balances. ‘It is a relief, however we cannot forgive MIT and MGS for withholding our player balances for such a lengthy period,” said Peron Mahabir, IT Director. “This was a deliberate act to sabotage our business and we expect to be compensated for losses,” he added.

On April 6th an anonymous mailer sent a Trojan Virus in a promotional offer seemingly from Casino Fortune to some Casino Fortune customers who had signed an online petition against Microgaming. This resulted in a crash on their hard drives. “I guess this is a strategy to make people fearful of playing with us. The few players that reported this incident were given new hard drives to accommodate their misfortune, “ said Anand Rajkumar, Promotions Director.

On April 7th, Group began spamming subscribers with promotional email sent as coming from Casino Fortune. Further down the page the name “Atlantic Casino Fortune” is given. The registered address of “Atlantic Casino Fortune” is an Isle of Man address used by Microgaming.

On April 8th Casino Fortune learned through the press that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission had announced it was bringing Frank Catania to adjudicate on the dispute between Casino Fortune and Mohawk Internet Technologies. Casino Fortune was the first licensee of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. By the time the announcement was made, Casino Fortune’s gaming servers, located in premises chosen by Kahnawake Gaming Commission had already been arbitrarily seized without notice.

On April 12th Casino Fortune received a letter from Microgaming lawyers further instructing MIT. The reason given was that Microgaming did not want their proprietary software falling into outside hands.

On April 15th and 18th, calls were received on Sunny Group CEO’s private cell phone threatening to kill him if he continued to talk about Microgaming’s Random Numbers Generator, and warning him not to attend the Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo 2002 in Toronto between the 13th and 15th of May. The relevant authorities have been informed.

On May 5th, 2002 Casino Fortune received the following email, which was traced to a Johannesburg address:

Random number generators work in the following fashion:

1. Take a range of fractions (usually between 0 -1) and run the random function on the range.

2. Then apply this fraction to the actual range of numbers that you are interested in (e.g. in a card game with 4 decks the probability of choosing an arbitrary each card decreases by a factor of 4)

3. What you can do to influence the outcome is to weight the outcome based upon some other event by applying a variable to the function you create that generates the outcome.

If you want it to be truly random you can weight the values based upon some value, which is infinitesimal such as the current server time down to microseconds.

By the same token you can also pass a blank variable, which will register as a NULL value, and then at any point in time to weight the outcome values upwards or downwards, you can then pass a non-null variable and this will then skew the outcome of the randomness.

Basically this is how the Random Number Generator (RNG) works:

1. Client software connects to the port on the Gaming server.

2. Client software requests a game that player wants.

3. Player requests to be dealt or to spin

Client software connects to gaming server and asks for a random number to be generated on a specific port.

4. Based upon the weighting of the RNG the result will come back as within probability or skewed.

5. On the MGS Gaming server the following parameters are passed to the RNG: game, game type, time (hh:mm:ss:ss.sss) and client parameters request # etc. The MGS Gaming server RNG service can be weighted according to a variable that is usually left blank.

6. Request result is then recorded and sent back to the client.

Casino Fortune has been in the online gambling business since 1996 and is well respected and known for its excellent customer service, fast payouts and lucrative bonuses. “The company places customer satisfaction above all else and will always remain ‘The People’s Casino’,” remarked Anand.

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