Online CEO Writes On UIGEA
By staff
The Chief Executive Officer a UK-based management-consulting firm and owner of a number of online gambling interests voiced his opinion of America’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) last week and stated that it should be abandoned.

Joe Saumarez-Smith from Sports Gaming voiced his feelings on the US legislation in an opinion piece entitled Internet Gambling Act Should Be Scrapped for the Bloomberg news website and was sharply critical of the legislation, which was passed one year ago.

He wrote that there are just as many people gambling online, if not more, today with many not aware that the law has changed partly because the legislation was tacked on as an amendment to a measure aimed at increasing port security.

Saumarez-Smith also wrote on the carve-outs in the American legislation that permit US-based players to place online bets on lotteries and horse racing and drew attention to the large number of legal casinos, poker rooms, racetracks and state lotteries feeding the overall gambling industry.

'The situation is, in short, a mess,' he wrote.

'As America learned during Prohibition, some bans are unrealistic. The online gambling law shows that legislators weren't paying enough attention in history class.

'At least Prohibition aimed to prevent the consumption of alcohol across the US without exceptions. Banning some types of online gambling while allowing exemptions for lotteries and horse racing is protectionism of the worst kind.”

His conclusion is that laws that are either widely disobeyed or unworkable are bad laws and that UIGEA is both disobeyed and unworkable.

'The sooner it's scrapped, the better,' Saumarez-Smith wrote.

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