New Software To Combat Online Fraud
By Staff
In America, two scientists have developed software that monitors how members of gambling websites play in an effort to fight fraud.

The computer program from Roman Yampolskiy of the University at Buffalo in New York and colleague Venu Govindaraju catalogues how often and how much a player tends to bet, increases their bet, goes all-in or folds and then bundles this information into a personalised ‘gambling DNA’ measure that can be used to confirm the identity of a player.

Yampolskiy stated that the software could authenticate players with 80 percent accuracy after only one hour of play with the program becoming more precise the longer they play. Any deviation from normal behaviour would then be flagged as suspicious for further investigation.

Online casino players are often the victims of ‘phishing’ attacks in which criminals attempt to steal identities through e-mails claiming to be from the casino. If successful, these attacks can lead to a player’s account being emptied and other villains often use software agents known as ’bots’ to play automatically, often beating all but the best players.

However, while such a scheme may protect lower-ranked players, Professor Jonathan Schaeffer from the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group told the New Scientist Tech magazine that such software would not work with top players.

'If you are predictable, you can be exploited,' said Schaeffer.

'Strong players try not to be predictable.'

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