Largest Ever Online Poker Pot Record Broken Four Times
By Staff
In an action-packed night at Full Tilt Poker, records were broken across the high-stakes tables as the largest pot in high-stakes poker was won four times and internet sensation Tom ‘durrr’ Dwan fought his way to sitting with $1,400,000 at the $500/$1,000NL table Railhaven.

Previously the largest pot was just over $600,000 and was won by Cirque de Soleil founder Guy LaLiberte holding only a pair of deuces. Tom Dwan was the first to beat that record, won taking $617,968 with top two pair against a $275,000 bluff after a long session playing heads-up $500/$1,000NL with Lars Luzack.

A little while later, durrr lost the largest pot in the history of online poker to John Juanda after getting it all-in pre-flop with AA and KK respectively. Juanda’s three-outer came brutally on the river and the World Series of Poker Europe champion won a $678k pot.

Soon after, Phil Ivey flopped a set of tens after some heavy pre-flop action and check-raised all in. Juanda called off with K8ss for the second-nut flush draw and didn’t hit, meaning Ivey won a $690k pot.

Urindanger took Ivey’s mantle and the largest ever online pot. Urindanger raised from middle position to $3,000 and Guy LaLiberte called. Durrr quickly squeezed to $16,300 and it folded back to Urindanger, who 4-bet to $45,000. Durrr called, leaving stacks of around $300,000 behind. The flop came 594 with two hearts and Urindanger bet out. Durrr raised and Urindanger shoved, receiving an insta-call. Once again, durrr was in a AA v KK situation, but this time he was the unfortunate underdog. The turn and river blanked out and shipped a $723,938 pot – the largest ever.
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