$150,000 Internet Casino Jackpot Winner
By staff
Man Shell Shocked By Internet Jackpot

-How will you react?

What is the difference between Frankk and you or I? The answer: almost nothing. He is a family man with a regular job and bills to pay. Frankk likes to gamble, and if he’s lucky, he may get down to Atlantic City or even over to Las Vegas sometime during the year. Frankk gambles online, and like everybody else he wins some and loses some. In fact the only thing that separates Frankk from you and I is what happened to him yesterday.

Playing online, Frankk was one of five players at a table playing Spice Island Poker at InterCasino (www.InterCasino.com). Frankk knows poker well enough, and has been playing it at InterCasino for over a year. But yesterday Frankk grabbed the brass ring, a Royal Flush with his progressive bet in play. The result: a massive $157,406.42 jackpot win on a single hand.

InterCasino’s Spice Island Poker has always had a reputation amongst Internet gamblers as a mammoth payer. In fact, the game made history last year when it paid $235,661.88 to a player screen-named Creed. And although Frankk’s $157,406.42 was about $96,000 short of Creed’s record, he’s not complaining.

What was Frankk’s reaction? “I was shocked. The first person I told was my wife, and she didn’t believe me. Then I called my kids, and they didn’t believe it either! I was just so excited to hit a Royal Flush, I almost couldn’t believe it.”

What advice does Frankk have for anybody who wants in on the secret? “Be patient, don’t go overboard when you are losing, and don’t go overboard when you are winning.”

…And here is some advice for the families of Spice Island players: when someone tells you they just won over $150,000 on an Internet poker table, you’d better believe them. Frankk could have been you, or me, or anybody else at InterCasino.

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