$15,000 Confiscated From Pro Poker Player
By Staff
Getting on an airplane in America while carrying large amounts of cash could lead to a long delay in Federal custody if the recent experience of professional poker player David ‘Viffer’ Peat is anything to go by.

Two agents allegedly working for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) routed Peat last week as he attempted to board a plane in Detroit, Michigan.

Writing on the Two Plus Two poker forum, Peat revealed that the agents confiscated $15,000 in cash along with a Rolex watch worth $50,000 as he boarded a flight bound for Los Angeles. The Las Vegas resident had been visiting his girlfriend’s parents in Toledo, Ohio, before deciding at the last minute to fly to Los Angeles to take part in a tournament. Although he paid in cash for his $800 first-class ticket, he was allowed to pass through security and have a meal before being approached by the agents.

“I was standing against wall talking on the phone when two guys ask my name,” wrote Peat.

“I answered ‘Peat, David Peat’. They showed me DEA badges so, obviously, I hung up and answered their questions.

“They played good cop, bad cop and I had about $15,000 cash in my pocket and the bad cop asked why I had so much money on me. I told him what I did and where I was going. They reluctantly let me board the plane.”

However, as Peat was about to walk up the gangway, the duo approached him again, which caused him to miss the flight to California and the tournament.

“They grab me and start asking me if I use an alias,” wrote Peat.

“I’m, like, ‘no’, which I don’t. They take me to a corner of the baggage claim and ask me to empty my pockets and take off my jewellery. I do. Twenty minutes later the DEA guys tell me ‘here is a receipt, you will get something in mail’.”

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