Dwan Dazzles In High Stakes Poker Season 5
By Staff
Tom “durrrr” Dwan is one of the most legendary players online today, with a near-cult following on internet forums such as Two Plus Two. He has played in both episodes of the current High Stakes Poker season on GSN and in both he has had a lot of camera time.

Playing a large volume of hands very aggressively, Dwan has been garnering plays from a large proportion of the “old school” pros on the show including Barry Greenstein and Daniel Negreanu.

In one hand, featured in last night’s episode, Barry Greenstein made a small raise to $2,500 holding A-A. Everyone at the table called including Dwan with Qc-Tc and WSOP champion Peter Eastgate from the blinds with 4-2.

The flop was T-2-2 giving Greenstein an overpair, Dwan top pair and Eastgate trips. Greenstein bet $10,000 and Dwan, instead of calling or folding, chose to make the advanced play of “turning his hand into a bluff.” This meant that although he had top pair he was hoping to fold out better hands rather than get worse to call. He raised to nearly $40,000 and Eastgate called before Greenstein followed suit.

On the turn both players checked to durrrr who bet $104,000. Eastgate folded his trips and Greenstein, after some deliberation, folded the overpair, not realising Dwan had only two outs to win the pot.

Amazingly Dwan then correctly identified Eastgate as being the one to have folded the best hand, contradicting the other players. The young gun went so far as to arrange a sidebet on the matter. Announcer Gabe Kaplan then compared the unorthodox Dwan to “the late, great Stu Ungar” which is high praise indeed.

High Stakes Poker is on GSN every Monday.

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