Casino tutorials from the Syndicate
By staff
It’s pretty hard to beat the bank – one way that some professional gamblers try to do it is to form a syndicate. Now, the head of an Asian gambling syndicate is offering lessons in how to beat the casino – for $5000 ($2439) a time. Of course, it’s easier and cheaper to play at a decent Internet casino, where you’ll usually get way better odds than at land-based casinos due to the low house edge. But for those who still think they can beat the casino on dry land, read on…

Zhang Ping Wu is head of a syndicate which has been accused of threatening rival gamblers and staff at Sky City Casino in Auckland, New Zealand. Wu placed an advertisement in an Auckland Chinese-language newspaper detailing his exploits in beating the casino, and offering to train people to become 'first grade winners'.

Wu is said to charge a 'training fee' of $5000. He denies being the head of a syndicate but says in the ad, placed in the New Times Weekly, that he has designed a 'system of tactics which is legal and reasonable of how to win'.

Wu claims to have conducted an 'investigative analysis of the whole system at the casino' and is offering one-on-one training sessions for slot machines and blackjack.

A Sky City spokesperson said the company was aware of the advertisement. 'Our only comment is that we're comfortable that we have the procedures in place to ensure a fair gaming environment for all our customers.'

Sky City had fought through the courts for its right to ban Wu after he allegedly threatened a casino worker last year.

It won the case in the Court of Appeal, but then reached a settlement with Wu that allowed him back into the casino.

According to reports in the New Zealand Herald, the syndicate’s tactics for slots are to occupy as many slot machines connected to a jackpot for as long as possible. They then wait until the jackpot is close to the point where it must be struck, then play thousands of dollars, betting maximum credits.

In the past, the group, which communicates by cellphone, has had someone in the casino 24 hours a day. Wu and his wife have an apartment across the street.

Wu says that slot machine training takes two days and blackjack training a week. It is made up of 'theoretical' training, followed by practical sessions in the casino.

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