Severn Online
By Earl
After winning the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Triple Crown, wrestler Dan The Beast Severn decided to wear King Solomon Casino’s URL on the back of his trunks rather than as a temporary tattoo on his back. In an interview with Angi Cividino of, Severn reflects on the principles that have lead to his success.

Where he wears this URL is not his best side, Severn said. He considers himself something of a gambler, but goes only for “a lot of safe bets. I have over 4,000 lifetime matches. I have under 80 losses. I think the world record for title belts is seven and I have 13 right now. I want one more to have simply doubled the existing record. I'm a person who sets goals.”

Cividino asked him to compare fighting with gambling. The Beast said: “I don't call myself a fighter; I'm a competitor. If you have to stop to think it's too late. I simply react. Obviously, I have a game plan but I fly by the seat of my pants.”

Severn said it was most important to “believe in yourself,” to “educate yourself,” to “adjust your everyday attitude,” to “study hard,” and to “teach others.” And he added: “At the end - you give it all away. That's what I'm doing now that I'm nearing the end of my career. I'm giving it all away.”

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