BHB Scraps plans to Increase Horserace Data Charges
By staff
Plans of the British Horseracing Board (BHB) to hike up charges of race card data to British news publications have been binned. Were the plans to have gone ahead papers such as the Daily Mail would have faced annual bills of more than $360,00 for the information.

The BHB currently receive an estimated $472,589 from the collective British media for the race card data. More than $3.1 million would have been generated for BHB if they had not been opposed.

Underestimating both the resolve and position of the British press to damage BHB the charge increase was quickly withdrawn. Newspapers simply omitted race card data or in references to individual races dropped the names of sponsorsí from race titles.

Daily Mail sports editor, Colin Gibson declares victory: 'We will have to consider all the ramifications over the next couple of days now. We think it is a complete and total humiliation of the BHB and it shows they have realized their complete stupidity on this matter, and those responsible should stand down.'

Obviously pleased with the swift defeat of BHB Gibson added that his paper had no intention to reinstate sponsorsí names in the subsequent Saturday edition. The Daily Mirror was equally indifferent with the BHB U-turn having no plans to publish card data or sponsersí names the next day.

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