“SOS. Sick of Spam? Important news!”
By Linda
Anti-spam filtering outfit Brightmail has released a list of the ten most common spam messages assaulting users' in-boxes this year.

An anti-virus software unsolicited e-mail came in at number one, and the classic printer cartridge spam came in at number 4. An online casino span came in at number 6.

1.Protect Your Computer Against Viruses for $9.95 - Anti-virus software spam was the most common this year.

2.Verification Department - Credit card scam spam has been very common, especially in recent months .

3.'Refinancing? Get a FREE quote on any mortgage loan program,' which Brightmail calls a perennial classic.

4.Printer Cartridges - Save up to 80% - Free Shipping Offer - Printer cartridge spam, still one of the top spams.

5.'Miniature Remote Control Car. Great Gift!' which Brightmail says is a newer spam usually seen around the holidays.

6.'$100 F R E E, Please Play Now!' a casino spam.

7.'Online Auction Marketing Secrets!' an online auction marketing scam.

8.'Important news Kuira' which Brightmail terms a 'septic system spam,' which seeped rapidly through the Internet in early 2002.

9.“URGENT & CONFIDENTIAL,' a Nigerian scam spam which asked millions of e-mail users to help free-up supposedly usurped royal coffers.

10.GET A FREE PASS TO THOUSANDS OF XXX SITES! - Pornographic email sent indiscriminately to inboxes, including childrens’.

'In 2002, we saw classics like the 'Printer Cartridges' and the 'Nigerian Scam' spam messages reach exceptionally high volumes while newcomers 'Septic System' and 'Remote Control Cars' made big debuts,' explained Ken Schneider, CTO at Brightmail.

Spammers have had to become increasingly sophisticated in 2002, partly in response to a worldwide backlash against the dramatic rise in spam. Many times the companies named in the 'From' line, 'Subject' line or in the header are in no way associated with the senders of spam. They use well-known brands to draw attention and attach credibility to their scams.

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