Winners with Balls
By staff
A casino gang in Europe have been winning at roulette using a remote controlled ball. Austrian police are still searching for the innovative gang who have used their balls and played a casino to win £250,000.

The gang managed to swap a normal roulette ball for the fake without being detected. The casino in Velden, south Austria, has had little luck establishing the method used to make the switch. However the Daily Express reports that a croupier did notice a roulette ball somehow stick itself to a cufflink worn by one of the suspects as he reached across the table. It was this observant individual who reported the incident, exposing the deft scam.

Since then video surveillance is reported to show at least five people working together to manipulate the roulette game. One coolly places bets at the table, whilst two other members of the group operate the controls of the roulette ball. A further two members keep look out and occupy the staff with distractions.

Technicians have suggested that the ballís movements could have been manipulated using the power of an electro-magnet. Such a device would be able to push or pull a ball to land on the numbers being betted on. As a precaution against this method the casino company is installing magnetic field detectors at all their outlets. The roulette ball used by the gang is also being taken apart for closer examination.

Austrian police think it likely the gang have struck more than once at various casinos, though they have never been spotted until now. Using video cameras and casino staff the police believe they are looking for a group of five men: one Austrian and four Germans.

Do say: Keep your hands off my balls.

Donít say: I think Iíve lost my marbles.

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