Konami to Release Casino Game
By staff
Anyone who’s ever wanted to run their own casino will soon have the chance. Well, not literally. Computer games software house Konami are set to release the new game Casino, Inc.

Having kept the game a closely guarded secret for some time, Konami have just announced its release. Details about the casino management game are still scarce but the gist is that players will be able to build and manage their own virtual casino.

If you’ve ever dreamt of taking on the casino bigwigs, or wanted to design a casino tackier than anything you could find on the Vegas stretch, this is your opportunity. Once built players will have to keep their spanking new business afloat – by any means necessary.

A vast range of tactics will be available and you won’t just be restricted to operations within casino walls. To last at all in the game players will have to place advertising throughout the surrounding city, provide shuttle routes to attract customers, even provide limo services for your high rollers.

If that doesn’t keep you in business hire troublemakers to visit rival casinos stealing your customers. A little law bending to disrupt business is all well and proper – and you’ll certainly have to contend with similar tactics used by your competitors.

Back inside the casino you’ll have to keep your high rollers happy, whilst watching for cheats and scams. Hire and fire staff, on a whim or because they’re stealing from you. Changing and updating the games your casino will offer is likely to be a vital part in keeping all your customers coming back. Once they are there make sure you’ve designed the internal layout like a maze so they can never leave (I’m speculating now but I wonder if the discovery of rotting corpses of lost patrons is something you’ll have to prevent?).

However you want to play it Casino, Inc will be available to play on your PC in March.

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