Jackpot Shock at InterCasino
By staff
Jackpot Shock

1. Blissful excitement accompanied by near disbelief brought on by winning an unexpectedly large amount of money.

2. Excited babbling caused by the extreme happiness and excitement of winning an unseemly amount of money.

Online casino player “Skerr02” may have secured a place in online gambling history. Not only did Skerr02 join the fraternity of online winners who have won jackpots in excess of $100,000, but he may have added another term to the gamblers windy lexicon – Jackpot Shock.

What is Jackpot Shock? It is the emotive combination of bliss, exhilaration and astonishment that a gambler experiences when he or she wins a life-changing amount of money.

Skerr02 won his very first mega-jackpot ($128,237.72) playing Multi-Player Spice Island Poker at InterCasino just yesterday. And after getting the congratulatory email that InterCasino Manager Ryan Hartley has become synonymous with, Skerr02 wrote this back to Hartley.

“I am still in what must be Jackpot Shock!! I was looking for a new game at InterCasino and had decided to try Spice Island Poker. A few weeks into playing the game I knew I loved it, having enjoyed a few full houses, a flush and one four of a kind bonus hand - the payoffs promoted a win-win attitude for this kid.

When the Royal flush hit, I was the only one awake in my house. As the kingly hand registered that the $128,237.72 was a payoff of the best kind ever, it took only seconds for me to ensure that my sleepy family slept no more. I hooted and hollered in cheer of my good fortune.”

In his very first sentence back to Hartley, Skerr02 may have made a permanent contribution to gambling lingo if Ryan Hartley has his way. “We love the word Jackpot Shock so much that we are going to send it to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary along with a $1,000 grant if they include it in their next edition.” said Hartley in his most recent press interview.

Will Merriam-Webster make “Jackpot Shock” an official word in the English Language? Only time will tell, but if Merriam-Webster wants to keep atop of a fast changing world, it better consider that at InterCasino, Jackpot Shock is almost always the word of the day.


Ryan Hartley

InterCasino Casino Manager

at feedback@intercasino.com

+44 207 616 1995

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