Online Poker less of a Jousting Game
By justina
Mark Maxwell is one of many in a growing minority who plays for a living. That is, plays poker online, for a living. When asked about his occupation he candidly admits ‘I play poker’. It is not a full time job as such, 30 hours a week is approximately what Mark spends playing online yet his $40 an hour earnings accumulate in to a generous figure. Allowing him to works as a freelance web consultant and take holidays without prearranged leave, in his spare time.

‘I just got back from several weeks in Puerto Rico, and I'm happy to say that I didn't miss playing poker at all - that was quite reassuring’. According to Mark gambling online is actually no different from playing in a real life casino, which perhaps suggests why online gambling seems to be so prevalent. The only difference according to Mark is that terrestrial casinos don’t let you play at more than one table, whilst online you can log into more than one poker site at a time.

However on second thoughts, it seems that online poker is after all a very different game. It’s a lot speedier and there’s no jousting around the table among the players. Yet as Mark suggests ‘For casino players, this interplay is a central element of the game’ whilst for him the game itself is a numerical issue. Yet ultimately it’s all about winning. He is currently in the process of trying to write a computer program to help play better yet he doubts it very much that he could write ‘a winning program’ and after all he believes that no one would be interested in playing against a machine.

As Mark says there is no winning formula just good common sense. His advice for beginners is that they should stop betting on a weak hand and learn to sit it out. The main thing is not to get too cocky because that’s when you start losing .Mark admits to having lost $5000 a day but the upside of that he says is that he’s also won about the same amount in a day’s work. Admittedly winning and loosing is all part of the game and as Mark says ‘there's always days when I can do no wrong, when every bluff I make goes my way. I just have to treat each and every hand exactly like the one before’.

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