Greek Govít to ban Gaming
By staff
Greek government is determined to stand by its, somewhat controversial decision over banishment of electronic games in public. Panos Livitsanos, a technology journalist said 'Parliament took this decision spontaneously, and under unbearable pressure to wipe out the 'cancer' of gambling,'.

However, European Union has taken active steps by warning the Greek government and suggesting that hampering the free movement of goods will eventually result in court if Greeks donít agree to drop the matter altogether. EU officials have stated that the law which is designed to stop illeagal gambling has cast its net far to wide, enmeshing innocent bystanders such as Internet cafť owners and computer game companies.

Whilst a Greek Government spokesman Christos Protopapas defended the law: 'The measure is a tough one, but it is the only effective one, as ordinary electronic games can easily be converted into illegal games by the owners of such facilities.'

The Greek government has unleached conflict whilst assuming EU presidency and preparing to launch World Congress on Information Technology and the Summer Olympics in 2004. Yet Greek officials insist that the law is necessary and the gambling ban is set to be implemented.

Although 19,000 people petitioned to overturn the gaming ban the government is refusing to budge on the law and have ignored the first official EU warning issued in October. It is said that EU will attempt to press this point again sometime next month.

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