Circuits ‘n Chips
By staff
Now that an international company has perfected its exclusive process for implanting electronic circuits into casino gambling chips, owner John Kendall predicts that the technology will be re-applied to solve a variety of problems.

For nearly a decade, brick and mortar casinos have been after electronically tagged chips but until recently the process has never been economical enough. Taking advantage of recent advancements in technology Kendall’s company has been able to provide the new chips at a drop in price from $5 per chip to just $1.

For the casinos this means they can now afford the electronic chips giving them a very handy way of monitoring them. The winnings and losses of individual players is now easy to keep track off, whilst cashing in your chips for cash will be a much faster process. Simply dropping them past a sensor gives an accurate tally of their value. Employees with light fingers will need to be very careful should these chips wonder anywhere they shouldn’t.

The smart chips basically work like a barcode, information maybe stored on them and read from a sensor. The clever bit is this contact does not need to be visual, unlike barcodes. Instead Kendall’s company use radio frequency identification circuitry. Kendall believes this unique approach could well be applied to anything from security to animal tagging.

Imagine going to the supermarket, dropping goods in your trolley with Kendall’s circuitry in the packaging, and just wheeling the whole lot out. Kendall’ sensors could pick up everything at the door and charge your bank. No more cash till queues, hurrah!

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