Lady in Red
By darren
For decades people have dreamt of the power of X-Ray vision. Famous comic strip character Superman even has the ability, and countless goggles have promised kids over the generations the same bizarre skill to see more than the naked eye beholds.

At least Superman was never supposed to abuse his powers though and leer at lovely ladies, literally stripping them naked with the power of his eyes. No, he was just supposed to check people for guns, see bombs hidden in buildings and such. Though he might have checked out Lois at least once.

Similarly empowered human men however could never be trusted with X-Ray vision. It would perhaps be too much to ask that, even in the interests of security, any man would hold out to the voyeuristic temptation. Indeed according to James Swain, a world expert on casino scams and cheats, not only is the technology available – it’s being used.

Swain, the author of “Sucker Bet” reckons that casino security cameras used to catch cheats using special lenses have the bizarre side effect of seeing straight through any red clothing. Watch out ladies in red.

Swain insists he was himself incredibly dubious as to the security cameras ability. It wasn’t until he saw it with his own eyes that he stopped doubting. He watched a piece of security footage from a casino that clearly showed a female blackjack dealer's derriere through her pants.

Just how far Swain can be taken at his word I can’t possibly say. I think he might have been stretching the truth a little too far when he also claimed that the cameras could spot bad toupees and cheap suits. April fools isn’t until next Monday Swain. Nevertheless perhaps ladies should think twice about wearing red clothes the next time they head to a casino.

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