Divorce Online
By darren
It’s cheap and easy and you don’t have to meet Satan’s ickle helpers – lawyers. Online divorce is rocketing in popularity throughout America. Not just among the divorcee’s either, Judges and computer literate lawyers are tuning into the potential and practically encouraging those in unhappy marriages to ditch their spouse.

For as little as $50 dollars you can ditch the ball and chain, find another lover and start the whole process over again. Of course it’s limited by practically in that quaint event, an amicable divorce. Plus you’d still be likely to have to show up in court at some point, but you’d be representing yourself so still no lawyers.

The new phenomenon is spreading like wildfire with well over 20,000 couples having already separated paths. Lawyers insist that this is no threat to them and their outrageous fees, pointing out that it is only the amicable and straightforward cases that could benefit from online divorce. Thing is without lawyers amicable divorces would probably be the most common kind. “I still love her dearly, but I’ll give anything to get the screaming bitch out of my life” sort of thing. It’s when lawyers stick their clammy claws in that things get contentious, and thus expensive.

Personally I think it would be great to turn the proceedings into a web event with public online gambling chucked in for thrills. You could have odds on who gets the kids!

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