Martha Stewart a Con? Get 2-1 on
By paul
Martha Stewart is the 1st lady of lifestyle marketing, making her considerable fortune by advising Middle America on soft furnishings and how to be the perfect hostess. Now, she is going to trial for securities fraud in the US. So will she be giving a 6’ by 9’ cell a makeover soon?

Bodog Sportsbook and casino is the first sportsbook to offer bettors the opportunity to wager on the outcome of Martha Stewart’s impending trial.

“Even before she entered her plea, we had players calling wanting to wager on this,” said BoDog President, Rob Gillespie. “Our bookmakers were already on top of things and in meetings yesterday morning to come up with something for our players.”’s bookmakers are offering odds on the outcome of the charges laid against her yesterday for Securities Fraud and have made a conviction a 1-2 favorite.

“We had to make sure that we presented bettors with an opportunity to wager on, what we feel, is the most serious charge that she faces, and that is the charge of Securities Fraud,” said Gillespie. “And all indications are that she’s likely to be convicted of that.”

The odds on Stewart being acquitted are 4/1 and Gillespie says public opinion has a lot to do with that.

“We have to anticipate how the betting public will wager on this and set the line accordingly,” said Gillespie. “And we really believe the public wants to see her convicted and may bet with that in mind.”

Stewart entering a Plea Bargain is listed as the second favorite at 6/5.

“I don’t think it’s below Martha to cut a deal to save herself,” said Gillespie. “Maybe she’ll include a pine-cone centerpiece or cupcakes with her testimony.”

The old mafia maxim that it’s easier to steal with a briefcase than a gun springs to mind – and it seems, it’s a lot less likely to involve jail time. is also offering odds on the amount of jail time Martha Stewart will face, if any, once convicted.

“Obviously we feel that she’s going to be convicted and we’ve now given bettors two ways to wager on Martha Stewart,” said Gillepsie. “But, at least according to our bookmakers, it is unlikely she’ll face a sentence that includes time behind bars.” BoDog’s bookmakers have made “Less than one Month” the Odds-on favorite for Martha’s sentence.

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