By darren
Anyone who uses the Internet or has an email account has recently been subjected to an even greater flood of spam than normal. And I didn’t think that was possible. There was even a spam day just a few weeks back on yahoo! It seems everyone hates spam, and would like to throttle the spammers behind it.

I have to admit that it’s frustrating. Click on any gambling related site on the Internet and you’ll immediately be inundated by pop-ups helpfully recommending new and interesting gambling sites that you should be at instead. I’m not sure what the official definition of spam is at the moment, but pop-ups are in mine.

What’s worse is the pop-ups that have nothing to do with gambling. Invariably these offer things like penis extension devices for next to nothing or they just advertise porn. The association of gambling sites and porn has had a very confusing effect. I can’t even go to a gambling site without getting horny now. And whenever I see my girl friend all I want to do is gamble.

But that’s enough about why I’m single now. As far as email spam is concerned, statistically at least 50% of email in the average Internet users inbox is spam. For those in the US that’s going to get even worse. Some doh!-nuts in Congress have apparently passed legislation that effectively legalises spam.

Well, that should certainly send the shares of any top-notch spam killing/filtering software company through the roof. Not surprisingly there’s an awful lot out there to choose from.

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