Gambling Info Web Site, Sold!
By darren
Sportsline have sold their top gambling enthusiast site. The online sports information provider has been bullied by those rednecks down at the NCAA into getting shot of it.

Sports Information, a British company, has picked up Vegas Insider, doubtless for a nifty price. But you donít come across a top-notch web site for sale every day. They clearly pleased as they gleefully boast that Vegas Insider has the most customer traffic in the industry. Apparently the site receives an average of 60,000 hits a day. Now the purchase of that isnít even a gamble.

So why did Sportsline let the NCAA talk them into letting the site go? Well, the NCAA is a powerful body of twisted men who ruin businesses and the careers of potential sports stars because they can. Oh, wait, I miss-read my source.

The NCAA is having an intense crackdown on any gambling linked to its sports events because the money goes to the mafia. Because it goes to the mafia, they often prey on students competing in NCAA games and get the necessary information, or organise accidents, and thus rig games. No really, thatís what the source says. Perhaps itís a bad source.

In their deal with the devil, Sportsline have got themselves exclusive rights to broadcast NCAA championships over the Internet. Sweet deal to hell. Larry Wahl, SportsLine spokesman: 'In all honesty, the other entities weren't thrilled with us being in that business, and we felt like those other relationships were more important.' Not your 60,000 daily customers that made you then.

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