Viva la France
By darren
Never let it be said that America can’t take a little criticism over its foreign policies. Oh, wait, say it anyway. After France boldly revolted against America’s decision to invade Iraq they came under a little, no a lot, of international attack themselves.

Claims that American interest in the war was purely economic were rebuffed with similar claims that France too had economic self-interest at heart. A war in Iraq allegedly could have affected oil supply agreements France had with the country.

Then there was the contention that America over-ruled the United Nations. Apparently intent on war whether or not any evidence of weapons of ‘mass destruction’ were found America seemed to expect UN backing regardless. Well, you’re either with them or liable to be imprisoned indefinitely until you’re sentenced to a death camp by a military court. Did I say death camp? I meant happy camp. So France, merely promoting the apparently naive idea that in an international democracy if they didn’t agree with America they were well within their right, weren’t.

This incident is not alone and is by no means restricted to France. It seems these days that anyone prepared to voice an opinion that doesn’t tow the official line is immediately fed to the wolves. Strange times.

Even stranger, just months after the bad publicity received by France everyone seems to be shaking hands again and being friends. The dust hasn’t even settled in Iraq but America and France are OK. The Paris hotel in Las Vegas is flying the French flag again. The French flags were taken down during the conflict because of complaints about France’s political stance. They were taken down? The casino is called The Paris hotel. If you really had a problem with it, why bother going in? Just knock the building to the ground and spit as you pass. That’ll learn those impudent French. Viva la resistance!

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