Road Rage at the Casino
By darren
Everyone is so angry these days. There must be something about modern life that needs fixing, something that will mellow all the stress-heads. I know, legalise cannabis and criminalize work! Sometimes the only alternative seems to be to accept that we’re simply a violent, chaotic race that should legalise wanton destruction and slaughter.

But, in modern society only governments seem to get away with that. No doubt there are some individuals out there who have gotten away scott free, but on the whole they don’t make it public by announcing it to the media as a good thing.

They certainly don’t hop in their car and drive through the front doors of a casino either. Which is exactly what a man did recently at the Star City casino. Apparently he’d had a run in with staff and got chucked out by security.

Rather than taking the whole thing gracefully and deciding that it might be time to find another casino he hopped in his sedan and crashed right into the casino’s glass entrance. That’ll learn ‘em! I guess he just wasn’t going to take it anymore. Whatever ‘it’ is.

Sadly the man didn’t go through with the whole thing as far as he could have done. He drove off instead of driving round the casino aiming his sedan at security guards. Quite swiftly, police chased him down and he was caught. He’s to be charged with having an irresponsible freak out. This just wouldn’t happen to the Hulk.

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