bets on flying man!
By maddy
First, take a wild daredevil Austrian who claims to be the most daring skydiver in the world and jumps out of anything that flies, besides from tall buildings, towers and bridges. The 34-year-old Felix Baumgartner also holds the world record both for the lowest and highest jump - from less than 100-ft from the Christ statue in Rio -- and from jumping off the 1500 ft high Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur - the World's tallest building.

Then take a website which bets on his flying escapades. According to reports from PRNewswire it's one of the last great feats in the history of mankind -- to jump out of a plane over England and fly across the English Channel to France! Scheduled for July 30th, this week Felix and his team will be setting up their camp on the northern French coast and wait for the weather conditions to favor them. Baumgartner has to leave the airspace between England and France before 4:30 p.m., or he could be in conflict with International air traffic.

Felix has joined hands with, a leading Internet casino and Sportsbook Red Bull energy drink which claims to 'give wings' to it's consumers. is offering a range of interesting bet offers for this feat. For starters -

· Will Felix cross the Channel?

· Felix Baumgartner will cross the channel on wings -667

· Felix Baumgartner will NOT cross the channel on wings +350

· Will Felix' average speed be higher than the average speed of this year's German Formula 1 Grand Prix winner from Hockenheim, Germany? Felix faster -10 km/h -120, German Grand Prix winner faster +10 km/h -120.

According to the daredevil, he will take off in a transport plane and jump out at around 30,000-ft over Dover's white cliffs, with temperatures plummeting to -90 degrees Fahrenheit. Felix will have a parachute and a small aerodynamic wing strapped to his back, which he will use to glide the 21 miles to the French coast -- which will take approximately 7 minutes. He will only survive the first minutes of his flight in the 'death-zone' by using a personal oxygen system. When he is just a few hundred meters above the ground, he will deploy his parachute and make a conventional landing. If he doesn't make it to dry land, he will be fished out of the water by the emergency services.

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