New Technology makes Offline Slots more like Online
By maddy
The good old slot-machine lovers fondly known as one armed bandits arenít too happy with the news. Scores of Casinos are replacing the traditional coin-operated machines a new technology, known as Ticket-in/Ticket-out (TiTo) which replaces coins with paper tickets. Early adopters include MGM Mirage which would make over 90 percent of its 18,000 slot machines coinless - over 130,000 of the 700,000 slots in the U.S are now 'coinless'.

It works by players inserting paper currency into the machines, with the slot keeping track of the winnings. When players are ready to cash out, the machine dispenses a unique bar-coded card, which they can encash from the Casino's cashier or use it directly in another slot in the casino.

Old timers would miss the clattering jingle from the flood of coins, nickels, dimes and quarters flowing out of the slots, which is an experience by itself. Some call it 'liquid money' - money gushing out like water. New technology has its benefits. With the new ticket machines, players wont have to wait idle for 30 minutes for floor managers to show up to pay off sizable jackpots, which the old machines couldnít pay in full. For Casinos, its less labour work like filling out coin hoppers and counting thousands of coins everyday. Now its all computerized and newer slots could accept ATM or credit cards.

Manufactures have no choice but embrace this new technology. IGT, a dominant slot-machine manufacturer is installing its coinless technology the EZ Pay Ticket System into most of its new slots.

To keep old timers happy manufacturers like IGT, Bally Gaming, WMS Gaming are programming TiTo machines to play coin jingle sounds when a player wins.

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