More misuse than use!
By maddy
Cyberslacking is taking over corporations. Recent net usage statistics at work suggest Cyberslacking or slacking on the Internet is a growing trend. Employees more than before are using the office PC, Internet leased lines to gamble online, shop online, chat with friends, checking out porn sites, downloading songs and videos.

The figures speak for themselves. 35 percent of Online dating sites traffic comes between 9-5pm, during work hours. Media Metrix, an Internet analysis firm tracked 7.9 million at-work users on personals/dating websites last December. Similar statistics prevail for other nefarious activities.

More than 75 percent of U.S corporates monitor and scan employee e-mails, Internet usage and data according to the American Management Association. The more they adopt a ĎBig-brotherí attitude the better itís for companies like Websense Inc, which makes Internet-monitoring software. Their sales have soared from $9 million in 1999 to $61 million in 2002.

Websense uses an automated system which runs on complex software filters, algorithms, 24/7 staff. Based on usage patterns and content websites are classified and categorized as gambling which maybe sub classified as say gaming, casinos, betting, racing etc, porn, adult material, drugs, chat, dating amongst thousands of exhaustive categories. With a growing database of 4.5 million sites Websense is still on the prowl.

The technology is powerful and effective but itís the policies that are hard to implement. Is all this turning monitoring cyberslackers turning into cybersnooping making the work place an electronic sweatshop?

Employers monitoring net usage creates a sense of distrust and lack of privacy amongst office workers. But with more misuse than use, like employees downloading MP3s, clogging up expensive bandwidth, downloading a virus, worms company security can be put at risk not to mention low productivity in bad market conditions.

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