TheBanya introduces “BET on ANYTHING” functionality
By staff
For the first time ever, people around the world are able to “BET on ANYTHING” directly against each other online. TheBanya P2P Betting Exchange has just released its lastest version, which introduces the concept and functionality of “Self Arbitrated Wagering” to the online world.

With “Self Arbitrated Wagering”, any two (or more) people can custom create ANY bet on ANYTHING at all. Like “$50 says someone from The Bachelor will pose naked in Playboy before the end of 2003” or “$20 says I can beat you Head-to-Head online at a game of Counter-Strike”. Straight bets, exotic parlays, pools and ANYTHING else you want. TheBanya’s open Bet-Building interface makes the betting possibilities endless.

“Self Arbitrated Wagering” gives people total flexibility and control over the events and possible outcomes they wish to make bets on. The days of begging your favorite Betting Site to “Please open a Market on XYZ” are gone forever. You want a Market . . . You got one. Any Market you want. You choose the event and you determine the possible outcomes to be wagered on. You can even choose to make the betting offer public (open for anyone to bet on) or private (only available for people you choose to include).

In order to complete and clear “Self Arbitrated Wagers”, the persons involved in the bet must appoint a person (or multiple people) to arbitrate the outcome once the event occurs (or the deadline for the bet is reached). Once the event occurs (or deadline is reached), the appointed arbiter must log in and validate the correct outcome of the wager. Once this bet is settled by the arbiter, the spoils are released to the victorious party or parties.

TheBanya is revolutionary in that it utilizes Peer-to-Peer technology and truly Interactive functionality like Chat, Instant Messaging, Clubs(Known as 'Pubs' at TheBanya), Buddy Lists and Forums to offer direct Person-to-Person wagering in an open, social, community enviroment where people can interact with each other in ways never before possible in the world of Online Gaming.

Only at TheBanya can you engage in conversations directly with other people online – Old Friends, New Acquaintances or Opposing Rivals - to Talk Sports, Talk Politics, Talk Entertainment, Talk Trash and Act on that Talk right there in TheBanya to create betting opportunities of absolutely any kind, all in one place.

TheBanya is FREE to join and FREE to use. FREE to chat, FREE to join clubs(or start your own), FREE to Instant Message, and FREE to post in Club Forums. And if you decide you want to “Put your money where your mouth is'... you can do that at TheBanya too!

We could go on all day about TheBanya and “Self Arbitrated Wagering” – But you really need to experience it yourself to truly appreciate it. So we invite you to download TheBanya and give it a try at

We're betting that you will like it.


Stephen Burnham

VP of Marketing, TheBanya

(p) 415-756-5761

(f) 415-680-2452

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