Dispute between Mapau Casino and Gonegambling.com
By staff

A most unusual dispute between Mapau (www.mapau.com) , an Internet and Land based Casino , and portal, Gonegambling.com has resulted in a charge by the famous Casino that it has been subjected to Internet Blackmail. Sunny Group Chairman, Dr.Waldron-Ramsay said:

“ For several years Mapau casino has been advertising with the portal run by John Abbott. Thousands of customers came to Mapau from the portal and Mapau has had the most incredible amount of complimentary letters from so many of the customers. Many times the portal complimented Mapau on the incredible service and experience given. Mapau has also been voted most Honest Casino on the Internet by gamblers at www.gambling.com.

The Board of Directors is absolutely shocked at the recent demand by John Abbott that unless we pay Mr.Booth $5000 the portal will run the following article (http://www.gonegambling.com/problems/casinoproblems-sunny.html) which we deem to be libelous, unfair , untrue and blackmail by Mr.Abbott . Mapau Casino denies the allegations of Mr.Abbott and refuses to pay him or his associate $5000 or any amount. We believe any dispute belongs in a court of law and have repeatedly asked both Mr.Abbott and Mr.Booth to direct their hostility to such. We do not subject ourselves to the jurisdiction nor the blackmail of Mr.Abbott and immediately sever any contacts with him or his portal.“

In the past couple of years Internet Casinos have been under pressure from the US and Australian authorities. As a result advertising spend has been estimated to have been cut by over 70%, hurting many portals and driving many to closure. Mapau Marketing Director , Natasha Singh said, “ Mapau used to spend over one million dollars a month on advertising. This is now down to just a quarter of this. Campaigns have to be monitored very closely. The campaign with Mr.Abbotts’ portal has been very enjoyable to us because of the relationship developed with the resultant customers over a period of time. Profits have to talk however, and when it came for renewal we were going to quit but stayed on for another quarter at the insistence of Mr.Abbott. This also did not work out and we gave notice that we would not be continuing. I believe the actions of Mr.Abbott are based on this.”

About Mapau:

Mapau was the first real casino to ever go live on the Internet. While others, such as MGM and Kersners’ Atlantis casino have tried and failed on the internet, Mapau has remained the premiere destination of gamblers worldwide who seek the security of a land based casino and the freedom of playing online. Mapau is part of Sunny Casinos (www.sunnycasinos.com) which owns and operates land based casinos in the Caribbean and Africa and also operates several other Internet properties. Mapau was founded in 1988 and went online in 1997.

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