Vegas Shows Signs Of Recovery
By sam
The escapist element of Las Vegas has served as a haven to many seeking to recover from the emotional effects of the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. Tourists are returning to a city that was plunged into chaos after the attack as thousands of distressed visitors sought to return to their homes.

About 75 percent of Vegasís 125,000 hotel rooms were back in use this weekend, and casino dealers estimated the Friday night gambling level at about two-thirds of the normal rate.

New York Paramedic Arek Kurkciyan, who lost seven co-workers in the attacks explained why he was in Vegas, ďThe president said, go on with your regular lives. Iím here for a wedding. I thought about not coming, but I needed to get away from everything for a little whileÖYou canít escape what happened. Itís everywhere you go. But Iím still going to try and have fun. Itís ok you know, otherwise youíre letting the terrorists win.Ē

As the mood of the nation shifts from shock to unity, more people are taking up the words of the president and going about their normal business. The financial stability of Las Vegas has been sorely tested by the past two weeks, but it seems to be holding.

Fears of more job losses still remain for workers in Nevada, following layoffs at Park Place on the strip. Most major casinos are still denying any additional staff cuts.

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