Woman blames online gambling for $65,000 fraud
By staff
Another week, another sad story about how Internet gambling caused the downfall of another once virtuous ordinary citizen. This time, it’s an anonymous woman from Cass County, who embezzled $65,000 from her employers to feed her online gambling habit.

“It's amazing how easy it is without even leaving your home,” said the woman, currently in jail. “They have a limit on some of these sites. A weekly limit of $1400.00, I realized I had reached that and I about died.'

The 31 year old was convicted of embezzling $65,000from her employers, leaving the company she worked for close to bankruptcy.

“Once it progressed into me using other people's money, that's when I lost track,” she remembers.

“I think it's actually more dangerous than going to a casino. Search the Internet and you'll find 1800 online gambling sites at your fingertips. It never seemed real to me. It was always all on the computer. The money never actually touched my hand.

After blowing $30,000 from her savings account, she then used her credit cards to the limit.

“I'm like well, I’ve gone this far, I might as well try to win it back.”

She then broke into her employer’s bank account. “She was in charge of the books for her employer. He was very trusting of her and gave her complete access to all of his accounts and his information,” says Beth Dodge of the Cass County Jail.

She didn’t realize how far she had gone until the courts charged her with stealing $65,000.00 from her boss.

“That's what I would have lived on in about ten years, what I blew in a year,” she said.

“I saw one one time 'get five dollars free' if you sign up so I’d go ahead and sign up,” she recalled. The most she ever won in a single session was $250.

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