Online bookies offer odds on manned Mars mission
By paul
It had to happen. No sooner had Dubya pledged to send humans to Mars, than bookies began taking bets on when humans will finally walk on the red planet.

President George W. Bush announced plans last Wednesday to send humans back to the moon as early as 2015 and eventually to Mars.

UK bookie William Hill said last Thursday it was offering 50-to-1 odds against humans walking on Mars by Dec. 31, 2030.

The bookie obviously doesn’t think humans will be returning anytime soon to the moon, offering 10 to 1 against another moonwalk before Dec. 31, 2015.

Intertops, the online bookmaker, also likes an unusual bet, and responded with

Odds of 20-1 on a human landing on Mars. That’s better odds than you’ll get of aliens visiting earth Earth (13/2). Should the commander in chief and alleged pilot George W. Bush become the first human on Planet Mars, Is offering a (frankly underwhelming, I think) 1001/1. Considering he’ll be well into his 70s (years, that is, not IQ) by the time a spacecraft can be readied and travel there…

'For years we've wondered about Mars,' said Michael Maerz, Mission

Controller at, 'now that it's in the news, we decided it was our

quest to serve up some red hot bet offers for our customers.'

'It's not rocket science,' he added.

What a Kerrazeee guy……

Intertops is offering some interesting prop bets, including:

Washington Redskins to win an NFL Super Bowl: 1/100

Human to land on Planet Mars: 10/1

Germany v Mars - What will happen first?

Germany to win a Soccer World Championship: 1/10

Human to land on Planet Mars: 5/1

Us v them - What will happen first?

Human to land on Planet Mars: 1/20

Visitors from Outer Space to land on Planet Earth: 13/2

Will George W. Bush be the first human on Planet Mars?

YES 1001/1

Will a human land on Planet Mars before December 31, 2020?

NO 1/5

YES 3/1

Will the walls of the White House be painted Red before December 31, 2020?

NO 1/10

YES 5/1

Of course, should oil be discovered on Mars, those odds could shorten considerably...

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