Poker – Not just a Man’s Game Anymore
By staff
Most often underestimated by their male competitors, women in poker are a growing force to be dealt with. Females are entering the poker field at a rapidly growing pace. This is due in part to tv's coverage of the world series of poker, where the travel channel has reported that approximately one-third of their viewers were women.

Many women, particularly those starting out in poker, feel intimidated when they are first learning the game. This is escalated by the response of some of the men at the tables. There are a good number of male players that discriminate against females who play. No matter how good a player may be, they feel that women will never be able to be any good at this male dominated sport. Many male players don’t take female players seriously, and don’t believe a woman would dare bluff. With more women entering and placing in international poker competitions each year, let them think that way. The more experienced women players know how to use this way of thinking at the tables to their advantage.

Womens Poker Club, a club exclusively for women poker players, was created to help balance the tables, and encourages women to be better players by competing against other women in a more comfortable and friendly environment. The Womens Poker Club encourages mentor coaching, and holds league and tournament play for women only. Opened in March 2004, the club is free to join and welcomes women poker players of any rank from beginners to professionals.

“Online you are allowed the anonymity to be anyone you want to be, which is one of the reasons why particularly online poker is becoming popular among female players. Some women in the club play online using male nicknames or masculine avatars to be taken more seriously for their skills while playing.” Said Morrison.

Amy Zupko, a member of the Womens Poker Club and a stay at home mother of three, sums up her experience this way “I signed up for the Womens Poker Club as soon as I found out about it. It is great to be able to play against other women. No offense guys! I found that when playing poker against men, you have to earn their respect before they consider you a real player. I find that when it comes to a show down, men will always try to bully me. Once I call their raises a few times, they get the message that I can’t be pushed around. I also find that this is a great time to bluff. Men don't seem to think that women can bluff. Trust me, guys, we have been bluffing you about how much money we have spent at the mall for years, we are the champs!”

“Womens Poker Club’s primary goal is to encourage more women to play poker. It’s important that female players have an environment that is collegial and comfortable for them to concentrate on improving their skills in actual competition. This allows them to feel at ease playing in any environment, and brings in more business, more bets, and more games at the tables.” Adds Morrison.

Womens Poker Club tournaments and games are currently played online, although there are plans to have land-based events later this year. The response to the club has been overwhelming with 400 members signing up in the first month. Membership includes a diverse group of women such as doctors, mothers and daughters, business owners, and stay at home moms, who all share a love of the game of poker.

Morrison states “Playing online allows any member worldwide to play against another member no matter where they are. Once the women feel more comfortable in competition, they will be better skilled and able to take on their male components. My own personal goal is to see some of our members compete in the WSOP one day, and I just know it’s going to happen.”

For more information visit the club website at:

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