Odds equalise on Bush vs Kerry
By abigail
Updates on the monitoring of the forthcoming US federal election being done through online betting exchanges, reveal that the odds are closer than ever. Kerry has closed in on Bush, with most online sites now offering them both at the same odds- with the belief being that the race is just too close to call at the moment.

At the beginning of the year Bush was a clear favourite, but the events of 2004 so far have seen him lose his lead both in polls and in terms of odds being offered on his chances of re-election. Meanwhile Kerry’s announcement that his running mate for the election will be former trial lawyer and North Carolina senator John Edwards, has seen his odds strengthen as punters have shown faith in his choice by increasing their wagering on a democrat victory.

Emile Servan-Schreiber, chief exec of NewsFutures, a site where prizes can be won by those placing bets, said that Bush’s odds have “basically been around 50 percent, though its been staying just below the line for a while now”. Currently NewsFutures are quoting a 47 percent chance of Bush being re-elected. The exchange run by the University of Iowa, the Iowa Electronic Markets has Bush and Kerry equal at 50 percent. Irish site TradeSports.com, a betting site which has no upper limit placed on bets, list Bush at 52 percent and Kerry at 48.

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