Nick Leeson’s lack of luck being used as promotional tool
By abigail
Nick Leeson and are now using the convicted fraudster’s reputation as a failure to promote the website. Both parties are now capitalising on his failed attempt at gambling 1 billion dollars of Baring Bank’s money on Japanese stock futures to encourage online poker players to test their skills against him. Leeson is now a permanent fixture at CelebPoker, being one of the celebrities offered as an opponent to those who visit the site.

In a twist of advertising, his weaknesses are the qualities being utilised for promotion. While many tournaments and online poker sites entice players by emphasising the opportunities they offer newcomers to play amongst the world’s best, CelebPoker is trying this different tact to convince players at all levels to try and beat the man who has not always shown the best judgement in his life.

The site is touting his vulnerability as a kind of dare to its non-famous players. The site asserts that Leeson is “not the most successful” of gamblers, and puts the phrase “Seems like an easy touch. Or is he?” against the figures of his losses faced whilst still in banking. Leeson himself has joined in the light hearted campaign, by adding that “he still can’t kick this habit of wanting to lose money”.

CelebPoker has a policy of signing up celebrities to join the site and play against keen online gamblers, as a way of differentiating themselves in a very competitive market. The players are also able to chat with each other, including the celebrities, during the course of the game. Leeson is also featured on the site in a column section, where he recalls his gambling experiences.

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