Ladbrokes Underestimates the Gravity of the Situation
By philip
Ladbrokes was forced to slash odds on the discovery of gravitational waves before 2010, after a top UK scientist, Professor Jim Hough, revealed that the likelihood was not 500-1, but more like 2 or 3-1 – after he’d visited the bookies, of course.

Gravitational waves, I’m reliably informed, are ripples in the fabric of spacetime and first theorized by Einstein. Initially thought not to exist, they are now accepted as real by scientists.

The wager was part of a series of propositions from Ladbrokes on scientific speculations, ranging from discovering life on Titan - Saturn's largest moon - at 10,000 to one, to building a fusion power station, 100 to one. But the promotion seems to have backfired.

Professor Hough, said: “I'm almost certain we'll discover them in the very near future. I would have had much more money on at the odds they were offering but the maximum bet they allowed me to have was £25! Looking to the future, even if gravitational waves are not detected in the next few years, I think we're certain to find them in or around 2010 when LIGO is upgraded. The odds Ladbrokes are offering are bound to keep falling and falling!'

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