Wagering on celebrities becomes increasingly popular
By abigail
David Carruthers of BetOnSports.com, has been speaking out about a branch of betting on his company’s site that is becoming more and more popular. Alongside the bread and butter sports betting, punters are showing a growing interest in betting on the outcome of celebrities’ lives. Marriages, romances and high profile trials are now drawing a lot of interest, with the public keen to bet on the result of highly publicised events.

At the moment BetONSports are offering several bets that are garnering a lot of interest. One revolves around the trial in the US of Scott Peterson, accused of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson. The betting patterns seem to be following the trial, with the volume of bets placed reaching a peak when Peterson’s mistress Amber Fry recently took to the stand. Betters are gambling on the verdict of the trial, and for those with a slightly more macabre sensibility, there is also the option on betting on whether, if found guilty, Peterson will then face the death penalty.

There is also significant interest on two other trials- the one against William Kennedy Smith, who has been accused of raping a Chicago woman, and one of the largest celebrity legal battles ever, the trial involving Michael Jackson facing child abuse charges. Carruthers has offered an explanation of the public’s interest in such cases by saying, 'When people watch things on TV, they form opinions. It's about allowing the public an opportunity to express an opinion...'It's about convenience...You don't have to fly to Las Vegas.'

Alongside these legal dramas, there is also the opportunity for punters to make bets on more celebrity focused outcomes. At the moment BetOnSports are offering the opportunity to bet on things like: whether George Bush will use the phrase, “evil doers” before 2 November; how many pounds Mary Kate Olsen will gain, once she has reached a full recovery; whether a sex video featuring Newlwed stars Jessica Simpson and Nich Lachey will be released.

Two of the most popular celebrity betting events in recent times have been: whether Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would tie the knot before 31 December. We all now know the answer is a no, but had it transpired that they had, Carruthers claims he would have had to pay out around a quarter of a million dollars. Another puzzle that gained a lot of interest was the bet that Latin singer Ricky Martin would come out of the closet before Christmas. Of course one of the current battles hooking online gamblers is the political race between Bush and Kerry, which continues to gain momentum as the election date draws closer.

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