Bush’s odds narrow in Nobel Peace Prize betting
By abigail
The latest development on the betting spurt accompanying the build up to Friday’s announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize, is that odds for George Bush have dropped for an enormously high 1001 to 1, down to 26 to 1. The odds have been reduced on the Australian based online betting site Centrebet.com. The two men commonly perceived as his fellow protagonists in the war against Iraq- UK PM Tony Blair and Australian PM John Howard, have also seen their odds fall from the same high starting point of 1001 to 1.

Although this drop is certainly still not nearly enough to classify Bush as anything like one of the favourites, Centrebet did release a statement detailing the level of disaster it would be for them should he be a shocking win on Friday. Centrebet started the idea of a gambling game on the Nobel Prize by first offering the option to punters last year. The company has just released the following statement concerning Bush and his new odds: “Victory for Bush would result in a six-figure loss for the online betting agency”. A spokesperson for the site, Gerard Daffy added his comments on all three of the political heads, “Basically we give all three no hope at all, but maybe those who are betting view each leader’s contribution towards world peace a little differently than we do”.

Paddy Power of the same named online betting site had another angle to offer on the likely outcome for the political leaders. When describing the odds for anticipated candidates on his site, Power added: “And then we have a few candidates who probably won’t win, like George W Bush or Tony Blair, but you’d be surprised by the number of people who place a bet on them for a friend. As a joke. Their odds are 1001 to 1. It could be 100000 to 1. It wouldn’t make a difference”. The likely winner according to all online bookies offering the bet, is still Egyptian Director Genral of the International Atomic Energy Association, Mohammed ElBaradei, currently offered at 2 to 1.

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