Queensland racing accused of setting suspicious odds
By abigail
In Australia, there is a division brewing between its northern state, Queensland, and the rest of the country. Revolving around the horse racing industry, there has apparently been suspicion for some time that odds produced by the Queensland horse racing industry are not to be trusted. The issue has been highlighted, as Michael Sullivan, the Chief Executive of Sportingbet Australia has come out and voiced his concerns.

The public comments that Sullivan made, included a plea to organizations in the remaining states of Australia, to join him in a boycott of the Queensland racing industry while this issue is unresolved. He has now also come forward suggesting that since he made his public announcement, he has received support from similar companies saying that they agree with his viewpoint.

In his latest statement, Sullivan commented that 'Since I've come public yesterday on this issue, and I mean it has been an open secret in racing for 12 months, but since I've aired my views and the company's views publicly there's been...a huge amount of support from bookmakers down south, from journalists down south, saying that they realise the problem and they'll be taking steps also.' His comments have prompted a defensive response from those involved in Queensland’s racing industry.

Bob Bentley, the Queensland Racing Chairman, retaliated by saying he had yet to witness a formal complaint, and that: 'It's not serious as far as we can see from a revenue point of view…I've had an alternative comment from another bookmaker this morning who's said anyone who doesn't want to bet with Sportingbet, they're more than happy to take his bets so I think you've got to take everything. We're more than happy to look at his complaint and see if there's any substance to it.'

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