Sports Network's New Pad
By staff
The Sports Network, the nation’s foremost real-time international sports wire service, has indicated to clients and prospects alike that it has settled into its new state-of-the-art facility in suburban Philadelphia. “Our growth in recent years,” stated Mickey Charles, president and CEO of the company, “has been nothing short of meteoric and it became necessary that we expand to accommodate that development. Consequently, within the past six months, we moved The Sports Network operation into our own building in suburban Philadelphia, the town of Hatboro. Now that our core offices house more than 100 full-time employees and our client base has grown exponentially, thanks to the services that we furnish, it was critical that we provided staff with the very best in corporate headquarters and developed an employee group and technological base that is second to none.”

The Sports Network has been acknowledged as one of the more dynamic growth organizations within the industry that comprises wire services domestically and internationally, having grown from very humble beginnings in the early Eighties to what is now a world-wide organization recognized globally as the premiere supplier of real time sports content to a plethora of renowned clients both here and abroad. Despite the availability of a seeming endless stream of content on the Internet, TSN is quick to point out that those who display sports information are, for the most part, not the originators of it.

“When someone goes to a web site, turns on the radio, watches television, uses their wireless device or turns anywhere else for what is perceived to be instant data,” continued Mr. Charles, “the truth of the matter is that the source is usually not. Those who bring that content to the public, by whatever means are at their disposal, must source it elsewhere, from an organization such as The Sports Network. Ours is a small industry with very few players and, happily, in the area of instant content, taking into account quantity, quality, credibility, accuracy, speed, service and support we are positioned at the top of a small heap. Our new facility, the building we now occupy, is without equal in the industry. The dust has settled in recent months,” he concluded, “the move has been invisible to our client base and we are now operative at an efficiency level that leads the field. That has been in clear evidence to our client base and the results have been most rewarding for all concerned.”

Mr. Charles was quick to point out that TSN has close to an additional 400 correspondents and journalists world-wide, stringers, that report to the staff in Philadelphia on a regular basis covering ever sporting event imaginable – from the Olympics to soccer in nearly 40 countries, international cricket, Formula One, golf, tennis, horse racing, baseball, basketball, hockey, football, boxing, and very much more. Also present at the announcement ceremonies was Phil Sokol, Director of Operations for TSN and he added, “Those journalists referred to by Mr. Charles do not include the hundreds of colleges and universities with whom we are in touch at all times. If we did that, the contributing journalist count would exceed 1,000 and be falsely inflated, a tact that a few others have chosen to erroneously pursue.“

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