Branded Sports Content a Big Yes!
By staff
The Sports Network, the nation’s foremost real-time international sports wire service, is now acknowledged as the provider of more sports content to related branded sites on the Internet than any other company, sports or otherwise. The concept, instituted almost three years earlier, allows other web sites to avail themselves of the instant information provided by The Sports Network which, simultaneously, appears on

“It is all really very simple,” stated Ken Zajac, director of sales for TSN. “We do this, for example, for every major newspaper chain in the country right now and that effort has expanded to other sites as well, both nationally and internationally. It is depicted as a win-win-win for all concerned since the appearance of similar information on another site has never proven to be a detriment to any of our clients or, for that matter, to ourselves. We have developed the technology,” he continued, “that permits us to take the templates of any client site, incorporate our content into them so that the task is, for all intents and purposes, invisible and the absolute appearance is that the content is that of the receiving site. Actually, it is housed on our servers and the total navigation of the client site is never compromised. If they choose, and here is where the win-win-win comes into play, they can obtain advertisers and/or sponsors for the data we provide and, in so doing, satisfy the needs of the advertiser, create a revenue stream for themselves and, depending upon pricing, self liquidate their costs to us. Everyone is a winner.”

The Sports Network has indicated that it will provide the same conceptual platform to the burgeoning world of mobile messaging and interactive content retrieval, an industry that has blossomed in Europe and the Far East but which has been slow to materialize in fashion similar to the Internet in North America.

“We have,” added Mr. Zajac, “already established relationships abroad where our international content, such as soccer, is being used in SMS messaging via cellular phones and it is, as we see it, only a matter of time until this takse hold in the United States. If thousands upon thousands abroad are paying monthly fees for varying ring tone capabilities how quickly would they welcome instant updates on their favorite teams when they do not have access to a laptop, radio or television set? As has been our policy over the years, we position ourselves in the flow of the industry and then adapt to the direction it takes. We see mobile phones, despite our success with branding content, as the next informational frontier.”

When asked about client prototypes for the branding of information, TSN responded that they have not really encountered any with absolute specificity. Their base of users seems to confirm that as it ranges from newspapers to radio, television, team sites, syndicators of content, financial organizations, casinos and many others. The sales staff at TSN noted that they will entertain any inquiry and, historically to the present, work with companies and sites to structure formats and meet budget requirements. Whether the data flows by satellite transmission, direct line or in branded fashion it is obvious that TSN can meet the needs of any potential client wishing to avail themselves of the enhancement of real time sports content to whatever it is that they have before the public presently.

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