Online Betting Pool Raises One Office’s Super Bowl Stakes
By staff
February 1, 2005 (London UK)– Jane can’t believe how the Super Bowl betting pool that she organized for friends has mushroomed! She set up a pool using for her friends but other office pools are raising the stakes by throwing their wagers into her pot.

Always the one nominated for organizing her office’s social activities, Jane decided to try a high tech approach when she was delegated to coordinate the group’s Super Bowl pool this year.

“Everyone wanted a Super Bowl office pool but no one wanted to organize it, and as usual it fell to me,” said the overworked administrative assistant. “This year, I just got the whole thing set up online and sent everyone to to place their wagers and check up on the pool value.” adds a high tech twist to traditional office pool betting. There are dozens of sports and celebrity betting pools on the site, and anyone with an interesting betting proposition can get a new pool set up by contacting the site’s managers.

“We made it sort of a funny wager I guess,” says Jane. “I don’t know much about American football myself, but apparently one team is pretty much a shoe-in. So betting on who would win wasn’t very interesting to some of the guys in the office. I remembered what a fuss there was last year over Janet Jackson flashing her nipple during the half time show and we started speculating on whether or not the commentators would even be able to mention that fiasco this year. So that’s what we made our betting pool wager: ‘Will Fox Television commentators make even ONE reference to Janet Jackson’s nipple during the Super Bowl broadcast?’”

“We’ve seen some pretty crazy wagering propositions, but Jane’s really got our interest,” says an spokesperson. “I don’t think she should have been so surprised when so many other visitors wanted a piece of her action!”

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