UK DDoS Attacks Rise as Zombie Plague Spreads
By staff
London 5 April 2005: Prolexic, the world’s leading provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solutions and security consulting products, has extended its global reach through a partnership with TeleCity, a leading provider of managed data centre services. TeleCity will be Prolexic’s European host location providing a secure environment for its IT infrastructure. The Prolexic infrastructure is already live in TeleCity, with several leading online gambling, including Sporting Index, and foreign exchange organisations using the service.

The collaboration will offer solutions to address the UK’s potentially escalating DDoS issue. The UK has traditionally been targeted by organised crime syndicates due to the size of its online gambling sector and its proximity to Eastern Europe, a region where many of the attacks originate. DDoS attacks are co-ordinated by cyber terrorists, who place malicious viruses onto computers of unsuspecting broadband users. When the attack is triggered, these infected or “zombie” computers, become controlled by the cyber terrorist and simultaneously ‘flood’ a network with fake packets, preventing legitimate traffic from accessing a system.

The results of an attack include web site downtime, the inability to take and process orders, damaged customer loyalty and, in the worst-case scenario, bankruptcy. According to a recent study by Aberdeen Group, an internet-based attack can cost a business on average $2 million in revenue per incident.

Barrett Lyon, CTO of Prolexic said: “Cyber terrorists are now utilising up to 75,000 zombie computers in one attack, which means that DDoS attacks can exceed 1 gigabyte in bandwidth. This is a problem for routers and firewalls, as they are unable to respond to a dynamic attack which may grow in size and complexity. Therefore, as attacks become more sophisticated, the limitations of traditional security measures are exposed, especially as we are seeing attacks that target multiple network layers simultaneously and more effectively mask their source.”

Hugo Smith, IT director at Sporting Index Limited, said: “The issue of DDoS has been well documented and we were no exception to the rule – like many organisations we were receiving threats and being attacked. Unfortunately, our ISP was unable to provide us with the level of protection our business required. This led us to Prolexic, who were able to install a robust solution in a matter of hours. Since then, Prolexic technology has successfully repelled a number of attacks, so that our business can continue as normal.”

TeleCity has decided to introduce the service following demands from customers for greater protection against increasing malicious activity on the internet. TeleCity’s Managed Security Service already provides customers’ networks protection against unauthorised access, viruses and worms, but new and sophisticated threats such as DDoS pose serious implications for businesses if not tackled effectively. Prolexic directs customer traffic through its data centres and then using its own patented technology cleans it up and re-routes it back to the client. It provides intrusion protection and network monitoring to both enterprises and Service Providers:

Andy Horn, managing director TeleCity UK, commented: “After the successful take up of our managed security service, our customers now see TeleCity as a key part of their network security strategy and expect us to continually provide solutions which address the online threats to their businesses.

“Prolexic’s technology provides a dynamic protection system using a combination of hardware and custom-written software. This enables us to respond to a change in attack patterns more rapidly than any other solution available. Most importantly, for our customers, the service is also backed by an SLA which could not be matched by other providers.”

Lyon concluded: “There are already over ten customers being protected by the Prolexic infrastructure at TeleCity. We felt the time was right to establish a formal presence in Europe as the region is undoubtedly suffering from a higher level of extortion compared to other parts of the world. The extensive customer base, European reach and peering opportunities available at TeleCity make them an attractive host. We believe that TeleCity has the skills, expertise and profile to support our market development in Europe.”

DDoS gained notoriety as a vehicle for cyber criminals in 2001 when eBay, Microsoft and Amazon were attacked, resulting in $1 billion in damages and lost business. Thereafter, denial of service attacks have grown in frequency, size and sophistication, and are now estimated by the University of California to number 4,000 per week worldwide. Advancements in P2P networking, greater bandwidth availability and the convergence of wireless and webTV are only fuelling the frequency of DDoS attacks. According to the FBI, Denial of Service has now become the most costly form of cyber crime businesses face today.

Notes to Editors

Prolexic’s service offering includes:

The Enterprise Border Defense Suite helps enterprises assess, detect, monitor and mitigate all DDoS attacks. There are two options – the Clean Pipe Service which is managed off site and is aimed at companies who do not want the burden of managing their own system and would prefer to receive clean traffic from Prolexic and the Onsite Border Defense System, which is targeted at enterprises that are reluctant to yield control of their data and prefer to filter it in-house

Prolexic’s Service Provider Defense Suite offers both protection and detection solutions. For Service Providers who want to offer branded DDoS protection to their clients, but would rather outsource the expertise, Prolexic offers a private label service.

About Prolexic –

Prolexic Technologies is the worldwide leader in DDoS mitigation services. More companies and Service Providers entrust their networks to Prolexic for DDoS protection services than any other internet security company in the world. Leveraging unique filtering techniques, high-speed bandwidth and peering, advanced routing, and other patent-pending devices, Prolexic has created the most powerful DDoS detection and protection system in the world.

Consequently, Prolexic has demonstrated success in monitoring, filtering, and routing massive traffic flows, often shouldering multi-gigabit-per-second distributed attacks for its customers. Prolexic’s solution is easily implemented into networks of all sizes, often with little or no infrastructure investment.

About TeleCity –

TeleCity is a leading European provider of colocation and data centre services. Through its network of carrier-neutral data centres, it provides colocation, IT infrastructure management and IT services to communication service providers, corporate enterprises and the public sector. In February 2003, TeleCity was awarded 'Best Colocation Provider' by the UK Internet Service Providers Association for its outstanding data centre facilities, and high levels of customer service. The company has 9 locations across Europe, in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Manchester, Frankfurt, Paris and Stockholm. Headquartered in London, TeleCity was established in 1998, floated on the London Stock Exchange (TCY.L) in June 2000 and posted a turnover of £23.5M in the year to December 2003.

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