Value Odds Betting Opportunity
By staff
Gamblers have been trying to beat slots since Charlie Fey invented them in the 1800s.

Some of the more elaborate methods include studies of casino management strategy, and playing machines in areas where managers place their loosest slots. The “ritual of the blue haired lady” is also a favorite slot method used by the hordes of great-aunties with loaded coin buckets that lurk behind players for the opportunity to take their freshly vacated seats, always hoping that the poor bastard was just one spin away from the jackpot.

But these strategies and formulae merely represent the sober lengths players go to win. There is a host of comical gimmicks and gadgets that casino cons have employed over the years to dupe their way to mega-wealth. Tools like quarter slugs, still pose a problem for casino floor managers. Gimmicks like electromagnets which influence wheel stops have also taken their toll on Las Vegas’ casino owners. But perhaps the most cartoon-ish is the simple quarter on a string that is pulled out of the machine after each play.

Online gamblers are detached from this hoodwinkery through their lack of physical access to the machines. They aren’t privy to play based on machine placement, previous activity or with physical gadgets. Therefore, the cyber-gambler, with his brainy knowledge of computers, must rely on pure mathematics to get his edge.

The smart player looks for pot-value order to stack the odds in his favor. Is this to say a machine is “due” to pay out? Not exactly; slot machines have no memory, and each time the reels spin the odds of hitting the jackpot remain the same as on the very first spin the machine ever made.

However, there are still opportune moments to plunge your coin into the machine. Since each spin of the reels maintains the same odds of hitting the jackpot as all previous spins, when larger jackpots are offered, the risk/reward ratio of the wager becomes more favorable for the player.

Following this logic, games like’s “Rags to Riches”, with its $100,000 minimum progressive jackpot, offer better value for money than small jackpot games. Currently, the Rags to Riches jackpot is nearer $200,000 representing a high-value odds proposition for the player.

So where’s the value playing online if you can’t dupe the machine? It’s in understanding the mathematics and recognizing that you’re better off risking $1 to win $200,000 than you are to win a paltry $1,000.

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