E-Commerce Law & Policy: Emergency Briefing
By staff
E-Commerce Law & Policy is organising a half-day Emergency Briefing, hosted by Harbottle & Lewis, on Tuesday 13 September (8:30am - 1:00pm) to examine the implications of the judgement for copyright owners, technology companies and software developers.

The US Supreme Court judgement in the MGM v Grokster case has profound implications for copyright owners, technology companies and software developers. In what has been billed as 'the most important case of the internet age' the Supreme Court found that file sharing services could be found liable for distributing software that permits illegal file sharing.

However the Court also held that to be liable the file sharing software distributors would have to be proved to have the intent to encourage illegal file sharing.

The Emergency Briefing will focus on:

US Supreme Court Judgement: MGM v Grokster: We will look at the background to the case, how the Judgement differs from previous rulings, how it strengthens copyright owners position, what technology companies need to do to avoid liability.

UK & Europe: We analyse the current position within the UK and Europe. We look at the balance of rights between copyright owners and technology companies.

Copyright owners: We look at the judgement from the standpoint of copyright owners. Does the judgement mean that there will be a change of strategy in combating copying of digital data. What are the implications for the development of online digital sales.

Technology developers: We look at whether the judgement will have a chilling effect on technological development. Will software developers hold back from launching new products for fear of legal action. Does the Supreme Court judgement provide a Safe Harbour to protect innovation?

is being organised by E-Commerce Law & Policy, and hosted by Harbottle & Lewis, will take place in London on Tuesday 13 September from 9:00 am to 1.00pm - registration from 8.30am

Venue, The Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, London, W1B 1NT.

The Emergency Briefing is accredited for 3.5 CPD hours Law Society Reference BSK/CPPL

The cost of the Emergency Briefing is:

Individual Booking: £295 plus VAT = £346.62 Group booking of two or more: £250 plus VAT = £293.75 each

To Book Visit their website.

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